The Advantages of Metal Exterior Wall Cladding

The Advantages of Metal Exterior Wall Cladding

The Advantages of Metal Exterior Wall Cladding

13 September 2021
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Installing new external cladding is one method of altering your home and giving it a fresh look. Many materials vie for attention, but metal deserves special consideration. Here are a few of its advantages.

Minimal Upkeep

Metal cladding is commonly made from steel and aluminium. This cladding is protected from the elements with different treatments, making it durable and long-lasting. For example, galvanising and powder coating put layers of zinc and polyester paint respectively over the cladding. Aluminium can be anodised as well, after which it's covered with protective oxide. As well as resisting corrosion, metal doesn't attract termites or rot. Additionally, it's low maintenance, unlike timber, which needs regular repainting.


Metal cladding is relatively lightweight, making it easier to install than heavy timber or stone cladding materials. Lighter substances are also more straightforward to transport, which helps reduce expenses. Plus, easy-to-handle materials also keep installation costs down.

Energy-Efficient Options

While metals can allow heat to quickly move through them, you have options to make metal cladding more energy efficient. For example, you can install panels with insulation attached to the back. Alternatively, you might rely on your home's wall insulation. Paler colours will reflect more heat than darker ones, so bear this in mind when picking the cladding colour. You'll also have options for metal cladding that's covered with a heat-reflective coating to keep the house cooler.

Design Choices

Metal cladding provides design choices that complement diverse architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary. For example, you could install metal weatherboards for a classic aesthetic. Metal cladding also comes in panels and corrugated sheets with varied profiles. Some Colorbond roofing sheets can also be used for wall cladding. Contours range from square and angular to classic wave designs.

Powder-coated metal cladding is also available in various colours, including beige, grey and cream, to name a few. Metal also combines well with other materials on the same house to add visual interest. For example, sections of the building could be cement rendered or feature brick to contrast with the sleek metal cladding on other areas.

Thus, metal external cladding offers a range of benefits. It's a durable option, as it's treated with different techniques that shield the cladding from corrosion and weathering. Additionally, metal's lightweight nature makes it easy to transport and handle, which keeps installation costs down compared to heavier materials. Regardless of your house's architecture, you'll find cladding shapes and colours to suit. Select between classic weatherboards, panels, or corrugated sheets in different colours.

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