Have you chosen the frames for your new property?

Have you chosen the frames for your new property?

Have you chosen the frames for your new property?

16 February 2021
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Are you are building a home and looking for a material from which to construct your house frames? If so, pine framing should be high on your list of options. Wood is one of the oldest building materials, and it is both beautiful and flexible as a choice. Also, it has many advantages over more modern building solutions, particularly in the area of environmental performance, which is something that cannot be overlooked in the modern world.

Why choose wooden frames for your property?

Pine framing, along with other varieties of wood, offers high performance combined with natural beauty and elegance. However, there are many other reasons that you could think about using wooden frames. Employing timber frame technologies will allow you to cut down your construction time considerably as well as making the job of those trades which follow in the next construction phase easier. Timber frames are normally lighter than other methods, which means that a less extensive foundation can be used even in areas with less than ideal ground conditions. Even beyond the construction phases, the advantages of timber framing can't be ignored; timber framing normally results in better sound insulation and higher thermal insulation in the long-term.

Which timber is best?

Settling on the use of timber framing is only the first step. Once you are certain that you want to use wood in your property, you will need to think about which timber would be the best option for your home. There are a lot of different types of wood that you might like and each one has different benefits. As such, you must think about the type of property that you are building and what you want to achieve. You might settle on Douglas fir or Hemlock, although in many cases, pine framing will be the best choice. Pine has a straight grain and is a highly stable wood. It also stains well, so it can have wide application around your home as well as in the frames of your property.

Dealing with termites

If you have ever experienced termites, then you will understand the importance of ensuring that your home is fully protected from the start through the use of the right construction materials. If you want to make certain that termites cannot successfully attack your property, choose Blue Pine framing as the most effective protection for your home or commercial building. This type of framing generally provides better protection against these pests. 

For more information, contact a pine framing service.

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