Ways to Extend Your Home with a Minimum Disruption to Your Life

Ways to Extend Your Home with a Minimum Disruption to Your Life

Ways to Extend Your Home with a Minimum Disruption to Your Life

30 December 2019
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At some stage in your life, the place you call home can become cramped. When this happens, you have two options — to move to a bigger house or extend your current home. If you are not prepared to leave your current residence for a new one, expanding your home is the way to go.

But a home extension project can disrupt your daily activities significantly, in addition to forcing you to contend with all the mess. That said, living on-site can also slow down the completion of your project as builders try to work around your life.

If you don't want to live with the disruption and the mess it brings, consider the following solutions.

Look for Temporary Accommodation for Your Family

One way to avoid the disruptions that come with living in your house during the home extension period is to live somewhere else while the work is being done.

If you have a second home that you go to during the holidays, having your home expanded at this time would be a great idea as the house would be empty. If you don't have a second home, you can stay with family and friends, rent a home on a short-term basis or check into a hotel.

The good thing about moving out of your home during the construction period is that your builder will have all the space and freedom they need to get work done. Plus, they won't have to put in extra measures to keep your family out of harm's way while work is ongoing. This, in turn, will help with ensuring timely completion of your house extension. 

Get Your Extension Built Off-Site

Another way to minimise disruptions during your house extension project is to opt for a prefabricated structure. With the advent of prebuilt building construction, it's possible to have your extension built at an off-site facility under controlled conditions and transported to your home ready for final assembly. 

Your new house extension can be designed and built to complement or contrast the style of your current home, depending on your taste, preference and lifestyle.

For more ideas on how to reduce and potentially avoid disruptions when expanding your home, feel free to talk to a home extension builder. They will listen to your project requirements and help you decide on the best way to avoid living with the disruptions and mess associated with your job.

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