Questions to Ask Your Contractor When Installing Spray Foam Insulation

Questions to Ask Your Contractor When Installing Spray Foam Insulation

Questions to Ask Your Contractor When Installing Spray Foam Insulation

27 December 2019
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Insulation is an integral part of any building. When building your house, it is essential to choose an excellent residential insulation solution. It must be able to keep your home fresh during the hot months of the year and warm in the colder months. The fact that it maintains an optimal temperature in your house means that further cooling or heating is not necessary. It saves you money. Types of insulation include wall, window, floor and roof insulation. Floor insulation costs much more than the others. There are many means to insulation, and currently the most popular is the use of foam insulation. Form insulation combines isocyanate and polyol resin. Here are some questions to ask your contractor before using foam insulation.  

Are you Licenced and insured? 

Anytime you are hiring a building contractor, find out whether they are licenced. You should also ensure that their licence is current. A licence means that they have undergone the necessary training and are qualified to put in insulation. Ask for their registration number and name so that you can confirm the registration online. In any of the aspects of construction work, accidents can happen. Ask your contractor whether he or she is insured. Insurance ensures they get compensation if injured.  

Do your workers have protective gear? 

Spray foam is a combination of two chemical compounds. Breathing in these chemicals could cause respiratory problems. Find out whether the contractor has the necessary protective gear for his or her workers. They should have rubber boots, gloves, face shields, goggles and overalls. These protect your eyes and skin. Direct exposure to particles of spray foam could cause problems in the lungs and skin irritations. Workers who do not feel healthy will take a long time on your project. It will raise the cost of the project.  

Do you provide a guarantee or a warranty? 

Insulation is an integral part of the building process. Ask your contractor whether he or she provides a guarantee for his work. A contractor should stand by his work. If he offers a guarantee, for example, 25 years no settling, then he or she can be trusted to do a good job. A good warranty should provide repair services in case of problems after the installation.  


Residential insulation is essential to ensure you are comfortable living in the house all year round. Use spray foam as it provides a high-quality seal at a reasonable price. To learn more about residential insulation, contact a residential contractor in your area.

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