Your Guide to Choosing Recycling Bins

Your Guide to Choosing Recycling Bins

Your Guide to Choosing Recycling Bins

19 December 2019
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Global warming has become one of the major world concerns in the recent past. For this reason, environmental stability has become a top priority for many organisations and people. However, there are multiple things you can do when it comes to environmental sustainability, and for most people, waste recycling through recycling bins is usually the most ideal place to start. Recycling bins are common in areas such as schools, office buildings and even residential settings. If you've been tasked with choosing a recycling bin for any of these areas, finding the right one may be quite challenging because of the many options available. Here is a simple guide to help you in your selection process.


The size or capacity of the recycling bin you choose is of vital importance. A bin that's too small for your waste recycling needs will only result in waste spilling onto the ground. On the other hand, one that's too big than is necessary will cost you more and may take longer before reaching pick-up capacity. A small waste audit before you purchase the bin will help you determine the volume of waste your facility generates. When thinking about the capacity of the recycling bin, consider the pick-up schedule first. Small units are ideal for regular pick-up schedules, such as weekly pick-ups.

Manoeuvrability can also guide you to the right recycling bin size. Larger recycling bins can be quite heavy, especially when they are full. Therefore, unless you're getting one with wheels, you may want to consider a higher number of smaller units instead.


Where do you intend to keep your recycling bin? Effective placement of your recycling bin will make waste disposal easier, and the best way to find the ideal location for the bin is to consider waste flow. If you're in a school setting, for instance, more recyclable waste will be in the cafeteria areas than the classrooms. Therefore, keep many of the recycling bins in such areas.

If you're thinking of keeping the bin outdoors, you may want to consider the weather too. This is particularly important if you live in a considerably windy or rainy region. For such areas, recycling bins that come with anchor kits are usually the best as these accessories ensure your bin is secured firmly to the ground.

Hauler Collection Conditions

Every recycling bin hauler company has its own requirements when it comes to bin collection. These requirements differ based on the type of waste you have. For instance, some hauler companies will only collect a single type of waste. However, for more flexibility in bin collection, especially in most settings where various types of wastes may be produced, consider a company that accepts mixed recyclables.

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