Top Maintenance Tips for Engineered Flooring

Top Maintenance Tips for Engineered Flooring

Top Maintenance Tips for Engineered Flooring

19 December 2019
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When building a new home, you must research the different aspects of such a project, such as the flooring. While there are many flooring options for homeowners, most are turning towards engineered wood flooring for two critical reasons. First, engineered wood flooring is cost-effective compared to solid flooring, and second, the flooring offers an insulation solution since it is more resistant to temperature fluctuations. While installing engineered flooring is the easiest part, maintenance can be quite tricky. Most new homeowners do not know what to do once their flooring is in place; therefore, they end up with a worn-out floor a few years down the line. With proper maintenance, engineered flooring can last decades. This article highlights tips for maintaining engineered wood flooring.

Dust Before You Mop — Dust and debris are an enemy to the upper layer of any engineered wood flooring. Therefore, it is vital to ensure the floor is free of dust and debris at any given time. Nevertheless, most homeowners approach this part of engineered wood flooring maintenance the wrong way. Rather than dusting or sweeping the floor first, homeowners resort to mopping it either to save time or simply out of sheer laziness. However, doing so only shortens the life of engineered flooring because mopping it with the dust and debris will leave scratch marks and degrade the upper layer. The best approach is first to dust the floor to get rid of any dust and particles. Only when you have removed most of the dirt and dust can you begin mopping the floor.

Avoid Placing Electronics Directly on Engineered Flooring — Interior design has come a long way, and today it is common for homeowners to arrange their homes the best way they know—without the help of an interior designer. From the electronic devices to the pictures on the walls, the only limiting factor is your imagination. However, as you embark on your DIY interior design project, you must avoid placing electronic devices directly on engineered flooring. The reason for this is that electronics generate heat, which can damage the polished surface of engineered flooring. 

Use Draping or Blinds on Windows — At this point, you must be wondering what your windows, drapings and blinds have to do with your engineered flooring.Well, your windows are an entryway for direct sunlight. When direct sunlight hits engineered flooring, the ultraviolet rays will slowly start to damage the upper layer. Prolonged exposure will cause the floor to lose its natural colour. Drawing the drapes or blinds will protect your floor from direct sunlight and, consequently, from ultraviolet rays.

For more tips, reach out to an engineered flooring business.

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