Electric Lawnmowers For Smaller Lawns: 5 Reasons To Choose A Corded Model

Electric Lawnmowers For Smaller Lawns: 5 Reasons To Choose A Corded Model

Electric Lawnmowers For Smaller Lawns: 5 Reasons To Choose A Corded Model

19 December 2019
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If you live on a property with a small lawn, such as an urban townhouse or a narrow-lot home, an electric lawnmower is usually the best choice when it comes to keeping your compact patch of grass properly trimmed. Electric mowers are lighter and easier to handle than most petrol-powered lawnmowers, and their zero-emission engines are much more eco-friendly. While they lack the raw power of petrol-powered mowers, this generally isn't necessary if you only need to mow a smaller lawn.

However, electric lawnmowers come in many varieties, and while battery-powered, cordless electric mowers are very popular, there are also many reasons to stick to a more basic corded model. Here are five reasons why a corded electric mower may be the best choice for mowing smaller lawns:

Very lightweight

Because corded electric mowers are not fitted with a heavy petrol motor or electric battery, they are among the most lightweight of all lawnmower types, with some smaller models weighing almost as little as an unpowered push mower. This makes corded electric lawnmowers very easy to use and manoeuvre, and they take very little effort to push around a small lawn or garden (especially if you choose an electric hover mower). Lightweight corded electric lawnmowers are particularly useful for elderly users.


With no petrol engine or battery on board, many corded electric lawnmowers are also very compact. While using a smaller mower means you'll have to make a few more passes every time you mow your lawn, an ultra-compact mower has numerous advantages: it is easier to store in your garage or shed, and it will fit more easily through narrow gates and gaps in hedges. If you choose a wheeled lawnmower over a hover mower, smaller models will generally have tighter turning radiuses, making them easier to manoeuvre in narrow, winding gardens.


Despite these advantages, corded electric mowers are usually significantly cheaper than both cordless electric and petrol lawnmowers. This makes them ideal for budget-conscious users and lets you get more optional features for your money; for example, corded hover mowers are usually much less expensive than cordless alternatives.

Because corded electric mowers run off your home's main electricity supply, they are considerably cheaper to run than petrol mowers, and you don't have to worry about storing flammable supplies of spare fuel. They also tend to be much cheaper to repair if they malfunction or are accidentally damaged. Spare parts for corded electric mowers are usually inexpensive, especially when compared to batteries or petrol engine components.

If you need a new mower, start checking out lawnmowers for sale in your area today.

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