3 Reasons Why Concrete Kerbs Crumble

3 Reasons Why Concrete Kerbs Crumble

3 Reasons Why Concrete Kerbs Crumble

19 December 2019
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If the kerbs outside your offices are starting to crumble, then you might not be sure what is going on. You expected concrete to last for years, but it is falling apart more quickly than you anticipated. Why are your concrete kerbs crumbling?

1. Weather Damage

While concrete is a very strong material, it isn't impervious to weather problems and related factors. For example, if your kerbing has lost some of its sealant, then water might get inside the concrete. In very cold weather, this water will freeze and melt. It basically expands and contracts. This can affect the structure of the concrete itself, which may start to crumble apart.

Also, if your local roads are treated in winter to keep them free from ice, then the de-icers that your local council uses could affect your kerbs. For example, salt can eat into concrete. Once a concrete kerb has sustained surface damage, it will continue to break down.

2. Concrete Mixing Problems

Concrete needs to be mixed and laid in specific ways. Get this right, and you create a hard and durable surface that holds its integrity for longer. However, if someone made a mistake when they mixed the concrete or created your kerbs, then the concrete itself might be weaker than it should be. If the concrete was too wet or too dry, then it won't set as hard.

For example, if your concrete contains too much water, then it won't have the chemical bonds it needs to stay strong as it sets. It will have an inherent weakness that makes it degrade more quickly. So, the edges and tops of your kerbs may crumble quite quickly.

3. Vehicle Damage

Sometimes, concrete kerbs start to crumble because of damage from heavy vehicles or repeated exposure to car wheels. For example, if a car hits your kerb hard enough to damage it, then the concrete might crack or break. Over time, this damage could spread and the concrete could start to crumble away.

Or, if a heavy vehicle parks on your paving and kerb, then its weight might be too much for the concrete to handle. Again, it might crack with the strain, leading to further damage later.

If your kerbing is crumbling, call a kerb repair professional. In some cases, your kerbs may simply need patching up and resealing. If the damage is more widespread, then you may need to get new kerbs.

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