Top Blind Trends to Consider During Deck Design

Top Blind Trends to Consider During Deck Design

Top Blind Trends to Consider During Deck Design

22 November 2019
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Deck design incorporates so many things, including your choice of blinds. Unfortunately, most homeowners treat deck design as an afterthought. However, with outdoor living growing in popularity, homeowners ought to treat deck design with the seriousness it deserves. It is especially the case if you consider that deck design contributes significantly to the overall value of your home. Outdoor blinds are a great way to enhance your deck, and the best part is that you have access to a variety of blind designs. If you find these choices overwhelming, this article narrows down some of the best deck blinds you should go for.  

Verandah Blinds

A common problem homeowners have with deck blinds is striking the right balance between privacy and shelter. Although some blinds offer perfect shelter and protection from environmental elements, they allow very little light into the deck. Other blinds are the opposite since they allow more light but don't protect the furniture in the deck. Verandah blinds are the perfect option for your deck needs since they do a great job as a protective and privacy accessory. Available in an expansive range of colours and designs, verandah blinds offer an excellent combination of protection and visibility. Additionally, if you want to protect the furniture and carpet on your deck from premature fading, then look no further than verandah blinds.   

Patio Blinds 

Also known as café blinds, patio blinds are made from PVC plastic. Depending on your preference, you can choose between tinted or clear PVC blinds. The blinds are installed around the perimeter of the deck and characteristically enclose the entertainment area. As such, PVC blinds are arguably the best blind choice for homes located in stormy or windy regions. It is because the PVC enclosure offers the best protection against the elements. When choosing patio blinds, you have to be extra careful. Ensure that the corners are fully reinforced with zips and precision welded seams. It is the only way to ensure the blinds will keep water and dust out of your deck. Additionally, remember to confirm the amount of tint available if you are buying the tinted version. The last thing you want is to take home a tinted patio blind that doesn't meet your privacy needs.  

External Zip Lock Blinds 

Relaxing on your deck is all fun and games until the bugs show up. What do you do then? Do you retreat indoor and hope the bugs get bored and fly away? No, you don't — you buy an external zip lock blind. Although similar to a verandah blind, zip lock blinds provide an extra layer of gapless protection essential for a comfortable bug-free deck. When in use, you zip the blind's external screen, especially where there are gaps that insects can use to access the deck. Additionally, zip lock blinds are tensioned, which makes them wind-resistant.

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