Why Getting The Right Wall Frames Is So Important When Building Your New Home

Why Getting The Right Wall Frames Is So Important When Building Your New Home

Why Getting The Right Wall Frames Is So Important When Building Your New Home

25 October 2021
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Wall frames are not one of the most visible components of your home, nor are they one of the more interesting ones, as they play their role mostly in the shadows. However, without properly fitted wall frames that are specifically tailored to your needs, you will run into a lot of issues down the track. Not only do you need to think about what material you want your wall frames made out of, either timber or metal, but you need to think about the design and talk closely with an expert who works with wall frames on a daily basis so that you get the right layout.

Weight From Above

Wall frames are not just there to keep you enclosed from the wind, but they are very important in supporting the weight above you. While you may only live in a one-story house, there are still hundreds of kilograms of roofing materials and substructures above you. Depending on what type of roofing you have, such as if it is concrete tiles or something heavier like that, you may be forced into getting metal wall frames because wooden ones will not support that weight. As long as you know where you stand, and if you are under the threshold for weight, you will be fine.


Studs are something that everyone who has ever tried to mount a television or hang up something on the wall that weighs more than a couple hundred grams will be very familiar with. Thinking about where you want your studs in your wall frames so that you can put up what you want in the right position is key with a new home. That is why you have to consider how you want your room's layout before finishing the initial construction design so that you can pick and choose where the studs will go.


If you live in a climate that has rapid temperature swings, as much of Australia does, then wooden frames are better at providing a natural barrier. If you do need metal wall frames, make sure to get added insulation, as metal itself is a very poor insulator and, in fact, generally just acts as a conductor. That is why sometimes bigger skyscrapers feel a lot colder or hotter than your previous home because most of those large buildings are made with metal wall frames. It is something you can combat, but you have to think ahead and plan for this with a wall frame contractor. 

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