A Guide On How To Hire Commercial Scaffolding

A Guide On How To Hire Commercial Scaffolding

A Guide On How To Hire Commercial Scaffolding

10 May 2021
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Commercial scaffolding is an ideal choice for contractors building high-rise commercial or industrial buildings. In most cases, hiring the scaffolding seems to be a viable alternative compared to buying. The guide below details the considerations to make when hiring commercial scaffolding. 

Choose The Right Scaffolding

Consider the following when deciding which scaffolding is appropriate for your site: 

  • What is the height of the building? Choosing a scaffold that is way lower than the height of the building could expose your employees to falls. Additionally, determine an appropriate height between one platform and the next.
  • How much weight will the platform bear? Commercial projects involve numerous employees. Therefore, you should consider steel scaffolding that can bear massive weights without suffering any cracks.
  • Can the ground below support the scaffold? If not, go for a cantilever scaffolding.
  • What safety equipment do you need? Rails, fall protection systems and safety nets are a must-have when building high-rise structures.
  • Assess the scaffolding features. For example, fire-resistant scaffolds would be ideal when working in hot climates or areas with is a risk of fire. 

Understand The Terms Of Hire

Conduct some research or seek referrals to identify companies that offer scaffolding hire services. Ideally, the terms of hire are the easiest way to determine which company you should work with. As a contractor, you would want a company that saves you money by offering free transport and installation. The hiring company should also repair and maintain the scaffolding when it is at your site. 

Assess the company's rental policy. For long-term hire, you should ask the company to give a price cut when the scaffolding is not in use. Additionally, the company should agree to replace the scaffolding if it wears out at your site. Do not forget to check when and how you should make your payments. Enquire about penalties. For instance, some companies will penalise you for late repayments or if the scaffold gets damaged due to improper use. 

Observe Safety When Using The Scaffolding

Scaffolding safety will help prevent fatal accidents at your site. For example, scaffolding installation and repairs should be conducted by individuals with scaffolding and high-risk work licences. Train the builders and other personnel on how to use the scaffold safely. For example, they should use ladders to climb the platforms and should not throw tools at each other. Regular inspections will help you identify scaffold defects. 

When hiring a commercial scaffolding service, choose an appropriate scaffolding, understand the terms of hire and observe safety while using the equipment. 

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