DIY Gutter Cleaning: Common Mistakes the Pros Don't Make

DIY Gutter Cleaning: Common Mistakes the Pros Don't Make

DIY Gutter Cleaning: Common Mistakes the Pros Don't Make

31 March 2021
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Cleaning your gutters and guttering is an essential task that must be carried out on a regular basis in order to keep the rainwater flowing away from your property in a safe and efficient manner. If you plan to carry out a DIY job that involves cleaning out the guttering on your property, you must avoid making errors that will place your health at risk or cause damage to your home or the gutters. This article outlines some common mistakes people make when attempting to clean the gutters around their home.

Using the wrong type of ladder

When attempting to clean out your gutters, you should use the correct type of ladder for the job. The ladder you select should be tall enough to reach all areas, yet still short enough so you can easily move it around without much effort. Many people make the mistake of using a tall ladder that is too heavy or cumbersome for them to manoeuvre around their property safely whilst cleaning out their gutters. Ladders too heavy for you to handle can cause serious injury and damage when cleaning out your gutters, so be sure to consider the weight and size of the ladder you plan to use. You may need to purchase one which is sturdy and safe.

Not checking that guttering is secure

You will need to check that your guttering is securely fastened into position before you start cleaning it. Loose guttering could present a serious hazard if it falls from the side of the building. You should also check the gutter guards and the place where they are fitted before you begin the job in order to avoid them falling out of position while working.

Wearing the wrong clothing

You will need to wear suitable clothing to allow you to carry out the job safely without using a ladder. You should avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing such as t-shirts or tops which could snag on the guttering while you work. Gloves, a protective mask and waterproof clothes will protect you as you work. You should also wear sturdy footwear so you don't slip and fall down the ladder. Also, long trousers or jeans are a good choice because they provide great protection from cuts and scrapes when you are cleaning out your guttering.

If you would like to leave your home's gutter cleaning to a professional team, contact a local contractor today.

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