3 Reasons to Buy 4-Way Entry Pallets

3 Reasons to Buy 4-Way Entry Pallets

3 Reasons to Buy 4-Way Entry Pallets

4 January 2021
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Pallets come in various sizes, materials and configurations. To get the best pallet, you need to think about how the pallet works and whether it meets your storage or shipping needs. While standard 2-way entry pallets work well for some businesses, there are times when a 4-way entry product works better. What are the advantages of using 4-way entry pallets?

1. Ease of Movement

A 2-way pallet has a gap on two sides. These gaps allow you to use a forklift or jack to lift, move and place the pallet as you use it. While having two access points is useful, it isn't an ideal solution. For example, you can't always use a pallet jack on these designs.

Plus, your workers will have to take time to position their equipment carefully so that they can access an entry point on each pallet. They have to take care to stack pallets so that an accessible side is in the right place for future moves or loads. This all adds time to any job.

Things get a lot easier if you use 4-way pallets. These products tend to work with more lifting machines and equipment. You can also secure and lift them from any of their sides. You'll typically find that these pallets are quicker to move and easier to store than 2-way alternatives.

2. Additional Strength

2-way pallets are sturdy but they usually have lower weight limits than 4-way options. They can't hold or carry as much weight. If you overload a pallet, it might crack or break. This damages the pallet itself and, potentially, any of your products that it holds.

4-way entry pallets are often made from stronger woods, like hardwoods. They have more robust construction. So, these products are better able to carry and hold weightier loads without breaking. You can get more items on a pallet. This could reduce the number of pallets you need to buy and store.

3. Longer Working Life

No pallet lasts forever. They take a lot of stress during their working lives. If you use wood pallets, then you have to accept that some of your stock will get damaged over time. Sometimes, you can repair this damage by replacing a broken board. Other times, you'll need to replace the pallet completely.

4-way pallets tend to last longer than 2-way products. They are made from more resilient woods and are constructed to higher standards. You should see fewer repairs and less waste with these products.

To learn more about 4-way pallets and their benefits, contact your pallets supplier.

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