Retail Shop Fitout: Three Principal Tips for Planning Your Displays

Retail Shop Fitout: Three Principal Tips for Planning Your Displays

Retail Shop Fitout: Three Principal Tips for Planning Your Displays

22 September 2020
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The environment in a retail shop will determine the success of the business. Therefore, if you are planning on opening a new store, you should ensure that the space is correctly fitted out. One of the most critical aspects to address when handling the fitout is the quality of displays. Good displays will ensure that the products are accessible and appealing to customers. Inefficient ones could compromise your ability to draw in clients and make more sales. Here are some core guidelines on handling display fittings for your shop.

Think about Function

You should choose functional display units for your store. In simple terms, these features should be practical for use for your specific products. When choosing the fittings, you should think about the provision of support for the goods. An ideal display element such as a shelf or cabinet should be able to hold the weight of the product.

Heavier items will need more resilient structures. It is also advisable to consider the level of protection afforded to the goods. This is of particular importance if you have valuable goods. These should be shielded against damage or theft. Therefore, a good display would need to limit contact. When evaluating the function, you should think about fitting design, material and safety.

Evaluate the Appeal

It is important to ensure that your display features are appealing to customers. Function without aesthetics could mean loss of sales due to lack of attraction. Remember, shopfitting is all about understanding the psychology of potential buyers. In general, you should think about fittings which will complement and elevate the merchandise. For instance, jewellery is more striking when placed in clear glass cases than on wooden shelves.

You can also employ contrast to maximise the effect of your merchandise. Two different colours will make goods pop out. Additionally, you should think about improving your shop by organising the displays in a manner that opens up the space. Simply speaking, use vertical space and leave more room for customers to navigate the store.

Plan for Lighting

Finally, you should think about the best options for lighting up your displays. Poor lighting will limit the visibility of goods, meaning that they will not stand out to customers. Under ideal circumstances, you should utilise natural lighting in your shop to ensure visibility of goods without spending too much on electricity. However, you will also need to invest in suitable ambient and targeted lamps for use if there is not enough light in your store. 

Reach out to a professional who provides retail shop fittings to see what is available. 

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