Three Beautiful Elements To Consider For Your New Home

Three Beautiful Elements To Consider For Your New Home

Three Beautiful Elements To Consider For Your New Home

25 June 2020
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Building a new home provides the opportunity to personalise the design and to incorporate your favourite materials into the decor. Here are three beautiful elements to consider: travertine tiles, oak floorboards and glass shower screens.

Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles come in smoky fawns, pinks and creams — giving rooms an earthy beauty and elegance. Encase bathroom walls and floors with these organic shades for a luxurious ambience. Natural stone shows patterns and streaks of different tones rather than a flat uniform one, so the tiling will have a sense of depth and dimension.

You can also spread travertine tiles across living room floors where their duskiness will create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Add to the homey but classic feel with rugs in high traffic areas that preserve the tiles from wear and tear.

Oak Floorboards

Wooden floorboards add warmth to a room with their grainy textures in browns, blondes, tans and reds. Floorboards create a smooth, easy-clean surface that feels fresher than carpet which tends to conceal dust and grime. Each timber species comes in a variety of types — for instance, there's not only one kind of oak tree. And each of these has characteristic shades, so you'll have plenty of options when selecting the floorboards.

One problem with solid timber, though, is that is can expand and shrink depending on the humidity and moisture levels in the environment. Planks can develop spaces or press against one another. To avoid these issues, you could install engineered oak flooring. These floorboards consist of multiple glued thin veneers of wood, each one set at right angles, with alternating grains. This structure builds resilience into the floorboards, making them suitable even for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. You'll have the beauty of raw timber in your home in a form that has been engineered to suit every room.

Glass Shower Screens

A lovely svelte element you could incorporate into your new bathroom is a glass shower. The texture of glass evokes a sense of a smooth glacier or a calm lake surface. Frameless showers help to create a luxurious open feel in a bathroom as you can see to all corners — you don't have heavy metal frames that visually divide the room into two distinct areas. You can also treat the glass to give it a frosty appearance that provides a more private and secluded shower enclosure. Other decorative options include patterned rain glass that mimics running water and toned glass in blue, bronze and black.

Your home builders can advise on other beautiful materials to incorporate into your home.

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