Making Crane Hire a More Affordable Exercise

Making Crane Hire a More Affordable Exercise

Making Crane Hire a More Affordable Exercise

21 February 2020
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Hiring a crane is seldom a cheap undertaking. Even the cheapest plant hire company might have significantly expensive rental rates for their equipment.

The good news is that there are several ways through which you can bring down the cost of hiring a crane service company. This article highlights some of the things you can do to bring down the cost of renting out a crane.

Stay Local

The cost of hiring a crane often does not only include the cost of the equipment itself. Several other factors contribute to the final cost of crane hire. Transportation is one of these factors.

A crane service provider is likely to charge you more if they have to transport the equipment to a site that is located far away from their primary location. This is why your local crane hire company is your best shot if you wish to bring down the cost of renting out such equipment.

Hiring a local service provider is also beneficial because it is easier for the company to offer emergency response services if their equipment suffers any form of damage during the construction project.

Avoid Working Overtime

Another great way to save on the cost of crane hire is to stick to the regular working hours as opposed to having the crane work overtime.

In a large number of cases, the rental rate for construction cranes is higher for overtime working hours than it is for regular work hours. Most rental agencies will hire out a crane for eight hours a day and five days a week.

If you intend to use the crane for more than eight hours a day, this is considered overtime. Also, if you intend to have the crane onsite during weekends, this will be considered overtime.

Choose the Right Type of Crane

You will end up spending a lot more money if the wrong type of crane is delivered to your site. This is because you'll have to transport it back to the yard to get you the right lifting equipment.

For example, your chosen crane might not have the right boom lift height or the right loading capacity. Similarly, the crane you choose might not be able to access the project site because of rugged terrain or because the site is located in a confined area.

You should do your research if you're to settle on the right type of crane to avoid unnecessary expenses.

For more information, contact a local plant hire company.

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