6 Reasons Why You Should Use Timber Roof Truss in Your Building Projects

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Timber Roof Truss in Your Building Projects

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Timber Roof Truss in Your Building Projects

7 January 2020
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Wooden or timber roof trusses feature in many building projects across Australia. Most contractors adore them due to their flexibility during plan layout. Whether in a commercial, residential or industrial building, structural roofing is crucial — and timber roof trusses are at the centre of it all.

When weighing the benefits of using timber roof trusses, it's no surprise that they're used globally. Here are six reasons why you should incorporate them into your project:

Versatile and Flexible

Timber roof trusses are highly versatile and integrate seamlessly with other structural products. You can link them with other trusses or different products like steel beams and glulam. Besides their long intervals without transitional support helps create large spaces. Additionally, contractors can effortlessly move the partitions without altering structural integrity during construction.

They are Eco-Friendly

Timber absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen back to the air. Compared to other construction materials, processing timber uses less energy and produces minimum environmental pollution. Besides, it's the only renewable product for sustainable development. 

They're Economical

Timber roof trusses require little or no use of heavy equipment to install. Their lightweight quality allows easier lifting and handling during construction. Creating a timber frame is amazingly simple and take a short time. Hence, this helps shorten the life of any project. 

Furthermore, timber roof truss produces very little waste at construction sites, thus reducing clean-up costs immensely. Since timber trusses typically can't be helpful in other projects, they minimise stealing and pilferage.

They are Durable

Timber roof trusses are essential in alleviating most on-site framing challenges. With precise fabrication and high-quality control standards, trusses come in uniform sizes and shapes. This way, they help uphold the structural integrity in a building project. Furthermore, they assist in scaffolding, concrete works and industrial falseworks.

Provide Aesthetic Freedom

Timber roof trusses come in many varieties and designs. They offer users considerable leeway to try on different aesthetic features in construction. Besides, most restaurants prefer to show their corporate identity through roof designs on their premises. 

They Offer Energy Efficiency

Timber roof trusses are highly energy efficient. Their excellent thermal characteristics are far much better than other framing materials like steel. Contractors can use them to create huge cavities that are simple to insulate. Thus, they are the most preferred insulating material for most homes and premises.   

These six reasons justifying why you should consider using timber roof truss in your construction projects. You can acquire them from a local timber wall frame supplier.

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