3 Common Types of Bath Shower Screen Panels

3 Common Types of Bath Shower Screen Panels

3 Common Types of Bath Shower Screen Panels

7 January 2020
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While the bathroom is the smallest space in most homes, it is wrong for homeowners to ignore its interior design. Unfortunately, this is precisely what most homeowners do, and they base their reasoning on the argument that the average person only spends a few minutes in the bathroom at any particular time. However, that should not be the case because a bathroom is the area one retreats to when they want to freshen their bodies after a long day. Therefore, making a bathroom as comfortable as possible should be your number one goal. Replacing your outdated shower curtains with shower screens is the best place to start. That said, there are three common types of bath shower screens you can choose from to complement your bathroom. Read on.

Single-Panel Shower Screens -- It is arguably the most common shower screen choice for most homes. As the name suggests, single-panel shower screens consist of a glass panel that is moveable via a hinge. The type of shower screen is the easiest to maintain, mainly because it does not have many crevices where debris and scum can build up. The best part is that single-panel shower screens can be either framed or frameless, and your choice depends on your needs. The frameless designs are popular with customers that want an elegant look in their bathroom. Framed single-panel shower screens, on the other hand, are a hit with customers that want a strong screen that can withstand relatively rough handling.

Double-Panel Shower Screens -- Unlike the single-panel screen that has a single hinge at the connection point with the wall, the double-panel shower screens feature a hinge at the centre of the screen. It allows for flexibility because the hinge makes it possible for you to open the screen in different ways. The unique operation makes double-panel shower screens the best option for smaller bathrooms that cannot accommodate screens that open outwards. Another feature that makes dual-panel shower screens popular is that they are characteristically longer horizontally. It makes the shower screens ideal for bathrooms with a bathtub since they can be installed along the length of the tub.

Folding-Panel Shower Screen -- If you want an elegant shower screen, then you cannot go wrong with the folding shower screen. The design works by folding individual panels in a neat concertina design. Since this design does not open either outward or inward, the screens are an excellent addition to smaller bathrooms since the folding panels do not take up any space. Moreover, if you have children or elderly loved ones, then a folding-panel shower screen is the best choice because it is easier to operate than a single or double-panel shower screen.  

For more information on shower screens, contact a contractor.

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