Why choosing the right riggers matters

Why choosing the right riggers matters

Why choosing the right riggers matters

6 January 2020
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If you are working in the construction industry, then you will probably have been working with a crane at some point. Cranes are an essential tool on many sites to lift heavy materials to the correct height and to ensure that everything is put into the building at the correct point. While operating a crane might appear to be a simple task, it is often more complicated than it might seem. One of the most vital jobs for any crane operator is to take responsibility for the crane rigging. Every item that is to be moved by the crane must be securely held and then moved in a safe manner. Crane riggers actually have one of the most responsible jobs on the site, since the manner in which they do their job impacts upon the safety of every person working on that site. Here are three reasons that choosing qualified and experienced operators to take on all of your rigging work is essential.

Why are cranes rigging used?

Crane rigging can most commonly be found on portable cranes. In some cases, the crane could be an independent vehicle, or it might form part of a large truck. The crane and rigging are used to move items to the right levels so that workers do not have to carry the materials manually up the scaffolding. In some cases, the materials may be far too heavy for anyone to lift, and so a crane is the only way they can reasonably reach the desired level. Knowing the right crane and the appropriate type of rigging to get all the materials where they need to go is vital to ensure the smooth running of the project.

It's about more than just connecting the rigging

Don't be fooled into thinking that that rigging work is about only connecting the crane to the rigging. A skilled crane rigger will be expected to know all about the operation of the crane, including the maximum loads that can be safely lifted. The rigger will understand how the angle at which the material is lifted will impact the type of rigging that must be used and whether the crane is actually capable of performing the expected task.

If you want your building project to run without incident, then finding the right team to undertake all of your rigging work is an essential first step. Choose you crane riggers carefully, and you can be certain that you will have a safe site and that all the materials you need will be at the correct height when you need them.


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