How well protected are your company drivers?

How well protected are your company drivers?

How well protected are your company drivers?

3 January 2020
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When you drive vehicles all day, then safety and comfort are going to be high on your list of priorities for any seat. No-one wants to spend all day being bounced around in a seat that is not properly designed for their body. Spending too long sitting in a poorly designed seat is likely to leave you with back pain and other health problems. If you run a company that requires your staff to drive heavy vehicles for an extended period then you may discover that it isn't long before your staff are taking time off with health problems as a result of the quality of the seats in your vehicles. It is far better to fit your trucks and heavy machinery with suitably sprung seats such as ISRI seats and ensure the comfort and health of your employees.

What makes a good truck seat?

Recent developments in technology have enabled the production of truck seats which not only boast ergonomic cushions but also increased loading capacities and smoother suspension operations. Seat designers have invested resources in improving the shock absorption abilities of their seats to better protect the driver from the bumps on the road surface.

Here are two benefits of fitting sprung seats in your trucks.

Reduced vibration and shock

A seat with proper air suspension will protect the driver from vibration and shock so that they can complete their work shifts in comfort and without damaging their health. A well-designed seat will offer a smooth ride whatever terrain the vehicle may have to be driven over. A standard truck seat would shake and vibrate up and down or side to side depending on the terrain being covered but an air seat will offer a vibration-free ride on the roughest of roads.

Increased durability

All of the vibration and shock faced by a standard truck seat will inevitably shorten the life of the seat. By fitting sprung seats like ISRI seats you not only provide a more comfortable ride for your drivers but ultimately save money for the company. While sprung seats may cost a little more to purchase initially their construction means that they will last longer in operation. If a standard truck seat fails it puts the entire truck out of service which costs you money and puts your operations behind schedule. Choosing to fit sprung truck seats is ultimately a good business investment. Talk to your supplier today and find out how you can start upgrading your trucks.

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