5 Benefits That Justify the Price of Built-in Bespoke Wardrobes

5 Benefits That Justify the Price of Built-in Bespoke Wardrobes

5 Benefits That Justify the Price of Built-in Bespoke Wardrobes

3 January 2020
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Are you stuck choosing between a freestanding and a built-in wardrobe? Built-in wardrobes offer a host of advantages, especially for new houses and remodelling projects. But it's an expensive bespoke solution if you have zero clues of what you require. Can these advantages substantiate the price difference?

To answer this question, explore the five benefits of built-in wardrobes listed below.

Efficient Space Usage

It is indeed true that built-in wardrobes maximise the use of space, but to what extent is this beneficial? Well, contractors can custom-design the closet in any area, including the contemporary walk-in wardrobes if need be. Besides, they can fit in the least likely spaces such as alcoves, L-shaped corners or even under the staircase. This advantage is also about the interior wardrobe space.

Contemporary Finish That Befits Your Interior

Another considerable advantage of custom built-in wardrobes is its contribution to the interior design process. Fitting a pre-made standing closet is a challenge as you must consider the material, select the design and choose the perfect finish to compliment your interior. However, with the built-in wardrobe, you have full control over the three aspects to get it right. Besides, you can effortlessly achieve a contemporary look for your home. 

Tailor-Made for Your Unique Needs

 As earlier mentioned, built-in wardrobes can be custom-made, granting you the freedom to configure both the interior and exterior parts. You can add more hanger space for your casual and formal clothing or drawers for your jewellery and accessories. If your family has more people, bespoke designs allow the creation of portions for each member's needs. Besides, you can custom design the wardrobe for different heights, versatile enough to suit everyone.

Custom Lighting

The fact that you can fit custom and integrated lighting in your built-in wardrobe is mind-blowing. Most of the freestanding wardrobes have limited lighting options, while others lack it completely. However, with built-in bespoke wardrobes, you have a wide variety of lighting options. For instance, you can fit LED lights to illuminate some of your priced antique collections. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it also offers energy-saving benefits.

A Feasible Long-Term Investment

Finally, a built-in bespoke wardrobe is a viable long-term investment, mostly when you use highly-durable materials. In case you decide to sell the house later, having a built-in wardrobe improves its resale value. Furthermore, you get to enjoy more when using your build-in wardrobe since it offers value for your daily usage than the freestanding one.

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