Why You Should Fit Glass Splashbacks in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Why You Should Fit Glass Splashbacks in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Why You Should Fit Glass Splashbacks in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

2 January 2020
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A glass splashback is a protective wall covering, usually in the kitchen or bathroom. Why might you want to install a glass splashback in your home?

Protects from stains

Kitchen and bathroom walls are liable to take on stains from splashes in cooking or just from water droplets, especially if they are tiled and contain numerous grooves or small holes where stains can collect. A glass splashback will not keep stains in this way—as it is one flat surface, it can be easily wiped off and will keep your walls clean.


As well as stains, wall coverings can attract bacteria and germs which cannot be seen by the naked eye, and their uneven surfaces mean that they are not easily cleaned. Cleaning a glass splashback will clean the entire surface and not leave anywhere for harmful bacteria to linger.

Heat resistant

Glass splashbacks are usually made of tempered glass and can therefore withstand high temperatures. They are also much stronger than ordinary glass and will not break or fracture easily. You can be sure that this kind of surface will not cause any problems for you or your family.


Although a glass splashback can seem expensive, in the long run, it will be much cheaper than other types of wall covering. They require very little maintenance other than a simple cleaning, and they will not fade or wear over time or require re-grouting like tiled surfaces. They should last for many years and will not need replacing, saving you money over time.

Easy to install

Tiling can be a long and laborious process that involves a lot of grouting and cutting, and the result can look messy if it is not done by an experienced professional. Installing a glass splashback is a much easier and less intensive process, meaning you save time and money on installation.

Customised results

Glass splashbacks can be bought in a variety of colours and made to measure your kitchen or bathroom. They also come in a number of different finishes, and you can even have your own designs printed on them. They can, therefore, form part of your own personal vision for your house's decor, and they can allow you to give free rein to your creativity.

Glass splashbacks are a stylish solution for keeping your walls clean and helping to make your house into a special place for you and your family.

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