Three Reasons To Hold Off On Lot Development Until A Land Survey Is Complete

Three Reasons To Hold Off On Lot Development Until A Land Survey Is Complete

Three Reasons To Hold Off On Lot Development Until A Land Survey Is Complete

2 January 2020
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With property prices skyrocketing in Australia, having your own piece of land, whether gifted to you or previously purchased, provides you with an opportunity to make the most of your investment by building a forever home. However, do not make the mistake of getting ahead of yourself by embarking on construction before they have had the lot surveyed. You could be thinking that enlisting the services of a land surveyor will be a waste of money if you already know your boundary lines, but this is untrue. The following are three compelling reasons why you should hold off on lot development until you have a comprehensive report from a land surveyor.

A land survey identifies critical features

Before you can start planning where to place a driveway into your property and how sprawling the house will be, you must be aware of all the features on the lot that could influence your plans. For instance, you could be planning on fencing off part of the property, only to find that the area has an easement that allows free use of the road by your neighbours. On the other hand, you may have an idea of where to place your septic tank, only to have to halt installation since the location you have chosen is against the local council regulations. With a land survey, you have a clear idea of the limitations you have to consider so that you do not waste money on developments that will have to be undone.

A land survey guides subdivision

As stated much earlier, the price of properties in Australia is at an all-time high. Hence, if you have a large piece of land that you will not utilise in its entirety, it is inadvisable to opt for subdivision before a land survey is performed. For starters, the subdivision survey will establish if portioning of the land will be possible in the first place. Secondly, the surveyor will then perform a recce to confirm that the measurements of the land and the map are identical so that your subdivision project does snot go past boundary lines. Lastly, the survey will highlight permanent structures and any monuments on the property that need to be taken into account per local ordinances during the subdivision process. 

A land survey ensures adherence to local zoning laws                        

The third reason why you should hire a land surveyor before construction is to ensure that your project adheres to the current zoning laws. For instance, if you were deliberating on residential construction but subdividing to lease out commercial properties, but the zoning codes limit that lot for exclusive residential use, then you cannot develop a commercial building.

To learn more about land surveying, contact a surveyor in your area.

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