A Couple Timber Supplies To Deliberate On With Your Deck Builder

A Couple Timber Supplies To Deliberate On With Your Deck Builder

A Couple Timber Supplies To Deliberate On With Your Deck Builder

2 January 2020
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Timber remains a top choice for deck building for an array of reasons. From astonishing longevity to inherent fire resistance, your timber decking will stay in pristine condition as long as you provide the wood with the specific maintenance that it needs. Nonetheless, the different options of timber species available to you will have their varying pros and cons.

Thus, when you have chosen to have a deck constructed on your property, you need to take into account the requirements you want from the timber so that you can select the right one. Fortunately, deck builders have experience with the different options available to you so they can help guide your decision. Below is a brief list of a couple of timber supplies that you should deliberate on with your deck builder.


This native Australian timber species is one of the most popular hardwood supplies that is employed for a myriad of construction projects. The innate fire resistance of the wood makes it an ideal deck construction supply for locations susceptible to bushfires. The hue of this wood is usually a pale beige, but it is also available in brown shades.

A great advantage of Blackbutt timber is the longevity it offers as long as it is sealed and oiled on occasion. However, it does have one drawback, which is a lack of resistance against termite infestations. But if you take if take measures to mitigate the risk of termites invading your property, then a deck constructed from this type of wood will last for the long term.


If you have a flexible budget and want to make the most of out of deck construction on your property, then Jarrah will be the ideal species for your construction supplies. Characterised by its characterised and red hues, this type of wood stands out and will automatically transform the deck into a point of interest on your property. When you opt for Jarrah as your choice wood type, you have two options available to you when it comes to maintenance. First, you could sand it regularly to retain its deep burgundy colour. On the other hand, you could let it weather, and this will add a silvery tinge to the surface of the deck. 

A major benefit of Jarrah is that it is innately resistant to pest infestations, so you do not have to worry about termites. Furthermore, it is rot resistant too, making it one of the most hardwearing timber types. The main con to be concerned about is the high price tag, but when you take into consideration the cost savings that will come with minimal maintenance and guaranteed longevity, you should view this hardwood species as a worthwhile investment.

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