Are you worried about a cracked home foundation?

Are you worried about a cracked home foundation?

Are you worried about a cracked home foundation?

31 December 2019
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Are you worried about the state of your property foundation? If you have noticed cracks starting to appear in the concrete of your walls or your foundation then you could be concerned about the long-term stability of your property. Fortunately, many foundation crack repairs can be completed with the minimum of disruption and inconvenience. Here's what you need to know about foundation crack repairs:

Don't ignore the problem

Problems with your foundation do not fix themselves. If you identify a crack in your foundation then it is important that you take suitable steps to fix the foundation without delay. If left alone the crack in the concrete will only get worse. Soon you will notice that moisture is starting to enter your property, and ultimately a foundation crack could widen to the extent where it threatens the integrity of your home. You can take action by speaking to a local company specialising in foundation crack repairs. They will be able to advise you on the most effective method of dealing with your foundation problem.

How are foundation crack repairs carried out?

For small cracks in the foundation of a home or commercial property, the simplest way to deal with them is by injecting epoxy resin into the crack to seal it. For slightly wider cracks, a flowable grout can be used to achieve the same effect.  

Why do cracks occur in the foundations of your home?

Commonly, cracks could be caused by thermal movement, drying shrinkage, or many other possible reasons. Knowingly why cracks have emerged in the foundations of your home is not nearly as important as understanding how to respond to them.  Injecting epoxy or polyurethane foam is the most effective solution and this can be finished in only an hour without creating a large amount of mess or disruption.

What other options are available?

If your home foundations cannot be repaired by injecting epoxy then your local contractor will be able to advise you on the most effective solution to your foundation problem. They could suggest an answer such as house levelling, pile replacement or underpinning. It will take a proper inspection of the state of your foundation to determine exactly what will need to be done to restore appropriate balance to your property and ensure that its structural integrity is retained. Talk to a contractor today and find out what options they consider most appropriate for your property.

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