Understanding Acoustic Panelling

Understanding Acoustic Panelling

Understanding Acoustic Panelling

30 December 2019
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You might want to prevent outside noises from interfering with what is going on indoors, deaden echoes in a room or space or prevent sound in a room getting outside or being heard from another room. If these are your needs, you require acoustic services. Here's some information to guide you:

What Is Available?

From the section above, you can tell that each person has different needs. You may come across different acoustic solutions that cater to each individual's need and that is why it is important to know exactly what you want the acoustic solutions to do. Some panels are good at absorbing sound and others at reducing echoes. Ensure you inform the acoustic panelling specialists what your needs are to get the correct product.

You can also have acoustic insulation done, which is different from acoustic panelling. Acoustic panelling is mostly for preventing noise from going outside, preventing echoes and correcting sound (clearing sound to make it heard clearly). Acoustic insulation prevents outside noises from being heard while indoors.

Where Are Acoustic Panels and Acoustic Insulation Solutions Installed?

You can have acoustic panels installed on your ceiling or walls. Acoustic insulation is mostly installed inside walls, ceilings and floors. It can be tedious to install acoustic insulation after the construction of the structure because it could mean undoing the floor, walls and ceiling, installing the acoustic insulation and then redoing the walls, floors and ceiling. This is not only double the work but costly as well. It is better done during construction.

What Structures Are Better Suited for Acoustic Panels or Insulation?

Acoustic solutions can be applied to any structure as long as there is a need to absorb sound, deaden echoes and prevent noise pollution. However, you might find that libraries, studios, auditoriums, halls, condos, hotels, etc. may make use of acoustic panels and insulation more.


Depending on where acoustic panels are being installed, you may not want them destroying the aesthetics of a particular room. Acoustic panels come in different materials and designs to match any context.

Acoustic Specialist

Hire the services of an acoustic specialist because you require help choosing acoustic panels and insulation solutions that match your needs. The economical aspect should also be considered because you do not want to overbuy or underbuy. Acoustic panel installation can be quite expensive and, therefore, you should avoid mistakes. An acoustic specialist helps you choose the right thickness and quantity of acoustic panels. Look around your local area to find a store that provides acoustic panelling products

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