Three Questions About Timber Trusses Answered

Three Questions About Timber Trusses Answered

Three Questions About Timber Trusses Answered

30 December 2019
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When your construction contractors are in the throes of getting your custom home build off the ground, they will furnish you with several options when it comes to the framing of the structure. And when it comes to the roof, one of the solutions that you could contemplate is wood trusses. Timber trusses are assembled to create a triangular roofing system that also functions to provide support to other structural elements of the house. Nevertheless, if you are not in the construction industry or have never had a custom home built before, you could be unsure of why you should opt for timber supplies for your trusses rather than, for example, stick framing. The following article lists answers to three of the most commonly asked questions regarding timber trusses.

Why would one choose timber trusses over stick framing?

As stated above, people unfamiliar with residential framing systems may not know why timber trusses would prove more beneficial than the stick framing variety. The popularity of wood trusses can be attributed to a couple of advantages. To begin with, wood trusses are more cost-efficient than their stick-framing counterpart is. Therefore, if you have a modest construction budget or simply want to keep your expenses manageable, then the timber trusses would be the viable solution for your project. In addition to this, the trusses offer a studier support system when compared to stick framing. Hence, if you will be attaching additional elements to the roofing system, then trusses will be an ideal choice.

Do timber trusses prolong the project's timeline?

A second advantage of choosing to employ timber trusses rather than stick framing is that assembling the framing will not take a long time. As a matter of fact, the assembly of roof trusses is less labour intensive when compared to stick framing. Furthermore, timber trusses do not require a considerable amount of timber supplies as stick framing does. The fewer materials employed for the trusses, the minimal labour and the fast assembly all contribute towards keeping the project within the estimated timeline while simultaneously minimising your overall costs. Thus, timber trusses are both time-efficient and cost-effective.

Can timber trusses be employed for any structure?

Timber trusses are highly versatile. New-age technology allows for a computer-aided design that will ensure the trusses you order will be the exact fit for your structure's specifications. However, you should note that trusses are best incorporated in structures that are well ventilated. If your particular location experiences high humidity or heavy rainfall, then the wood will succumb to decay and subsequently jeopardise the structural integrity of your custom build.

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