How to Prepare for the Installation of Residential Air Conditioning

How to Prepare for the Installation of Residential Air Conditioning

How to Prepare for the Installation of Residential Air Conditioning

30 December 2019
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Proper installation of a residential air conditioner is crucial for comfort, convenience and optimal performance. Therefore, if you are replacing your old AC or purchasing a unit for your new home, you must plan with care for this process. Poor preparation will lead to inefficiencies in operation and might cause losses in the future. Here are some indispensable tips to remember when preparing for the installation of your residential AC.

Check Local Building Codes

It is important to check on the regulations which are imposed on AC installations before proceeding with your project. In general, these appliances are not heavily regulated. However, there are still some guidelines for best practices. Checking the relevant codes will minimise legal complications if problems arise due to installation. You should also keep in mind that following the standards and regulations will promote optimal appliance performance. 

Upgrade the Electrical System

An old electrical system can affect the performance of a new residential air conditioner. In simple terms, if the electrical connection cannot provide enough power to the new appliance, there will be malfunctions. The equipment might fail to cool properly, and there might be more frequent breakdowns. In addition, an unsuitable power connection can increase the risk of overheating incidents and possibly fires. Therefore, engage a good electrician to check, and if necessary, upgrade your electrical system.

Measure Your Indoor Space

You should measure your indoor space before purchasing and installing your air conditioner. This process is crucial if you would like to install an appliance which is perfectly sized for the area you wish to cool. Do not make guesses. Remember, if the AC is too big or too small, you will experience cooling inefficiencies, and the unit is more likely to fail due to improper function. When you have the measurements of the rooms, look for an AC which has been designed to work in similarly-sized areas. Additionally, evaluate your rooms with care and determine the best spots for placing your new AC for optimal comfort.

Choose an HVAC Contractor

Finally, when preparing for the installation of your new residential AC, you should ensure that you have the right professional help. A qualified HVAC contractor will help you guarantee that the appliance is set up in the house optimally. DIY installation is not advisable, even for small units, because there will be a higher risk of energy inefficiency, injuries and poor comfort. A professional will be licensed, experienced and reputable in the local HVAC market. Look for an air conditioning professional for more information.

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