Why Polished Concrete Should Be The Top Flooring Solution For Your Custom Home Build

Why Polished Concrete Should Be The Top Flooring Solution For Your Custom Home Build

Why Polished Concrete Should Be The Top Flooring Solution For Your Custom Home Build

29 December 2019
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Congratulations on embarking on your first custom home build! While the process can be daunting, it is undeniably exciting too, as you have complete control over the construction supplies that will be employed for your forever home. One of the most important decisions that you have to ask regarding the building supplies is your flooring. You may have your eyes set on luxe materials, such as marble floors, but you need to ensure your choice of flooring will be budget-friendly as much as it is visually pleasing. With that in mind, have you thought of having your construction contractors polish concrete to create flooring? Read on for reasons why concrete polishing should be the top flooring solution for your custom home build.

Environmentally friendly flooring

When you think of concrete, you probably do not associate it with eco-conscious building supplies because it is a synthetic material. However, there are several reasons why it will prove to be one of the more sustainable materials that you can invest in for your property. Firstly, polishing concrete creates a sturdy and durable surface that will be immune to cosmetic damages. With that in mind, you can rest assured that the polished concrete floors will last you for the long term. This durability eliminates the need for new flooring constructed from fresh materials. Secondly, concrete is a recyclable material. Hence, if you choose to utilise recycled concrete for your floors, you will be playing your part in environmental conservation.

Cost-effective flooring

As mentioned earlier, your choice of construction supply for your home build should be affordable so that you can stay within your budget. The great thing about polished concrete floors is that they do not compromise on visual appeal or affordability! For starters, the polishing process is not as costly as purchasing materials such as natural stone. Moreover, you can have the concrete coloured to suit your home's aesthetic so you are assured of attractive floors. Secondly, the longevity of polished concrete means saving money on both repairs as well as premature flooring replacement. Therefore, you get to save money in the long term when you choose this material for your floors.

Hypoallergenic flooring

Indoor air quality is critical for your health. Nonetheless, not many people consider the relationship between their flooring supplies and their air quality. You will be surprised to learn that flooring solutions such as tiles or carpeting are a haven for contaminants. The grout in tiles and the carpet fibres harbour these pollutants, which are released into the air and subsequently affect your respiratory health. Polished concrete is impermeable, so it will not absorb any contaminants that could pollute the air in your home.

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