Two Primary Considerations During Electrical Installation For A Custom Build

Two Primary Considerations During Electrical Installation For A Custom Build

Two Primary Considerations During Electrical Installation For A Custom Build

29 December 2019
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One of the more complex stages of getting your home build constructed is the electrical installation. Setting up wiring is not as simple as just hiding the electrical system behind the walls. Instead, a lot of careful thought needs to go into wherever all the electrical components should go so that your access to outlets, lighting and so on will be suited to your preferences.  Moreover, the newly installed electrical system should not only be efficient enough to suit your household's needs, but it needs to be safe as well. Thus, if you have never been part of the electrical installation process before, it could seem like a complicated endeavour. Fortunately, a couple of typical considerations that need to be had for all residential electrical installation projects and they are illustrated below.

The layout of your lighting

Before the electrical installation can commence, you need to map out the exact points where your light switches should be installed. However, this is not a simple as marking parts of the wall that you think would be appropriate. The best approach is to analyse the blueprints of the residence so that you can envision yourself moving from room to room. With this picture in mind, imagine yourself having a walk-through in the property, and envisage where you would reach out to when flipping a switch on or off. For instance, if you have a bathroom in the middle of a long corridor, you should have switches installed close to the bathroom door as well as on both ends of the hall. Your electrical and construction contractors can also advise on the best height and positioning of the switches to ensure they do not obstruct other items on the walls, such as picture frames.

The layout of the outlets

Once you have mapped out your lighting setup, the second consideration you should have in mind is the layout for the electrical outlets. A common mistake that individuals make is underrating their reliance on electrical gadgets, so they end up with few outlets. When your outlets are insufficient, you are more likely to daisy-chain extension cords, and this puts a burden on the newly installed electrical system. The best approach is to opt for more outlets than you think you currently need, more so in living spaces and bedrooms. Secondly, opt for multiple outlets in the kitchen and ensure they are nearby, since most appliances are situated in groups. For example, if you have a coffeemaker, water dispenser and a toaster that you use regularly, then you should have adequate outlets to accommodate them. Lastly, factor in USB outlets close to bedside tables for easy smartphone charging.

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