Understanding Skylight Windows

Understanding Skylight Windows

Understanding Skylight Windows

21 December 2019
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Natural light brings life to the spaces in your home. It also helps in conserving energy because you won't need to turn on any artificial lighting during the day. This leads to a more comfortable life and lower energy bills. Below are various things you should know about skylight windows:

Clearing A Misconception

A skylight window is different from a roof window; don't confuse the two. Skylight windows are installed on the roof of your house where you cannot reach them. 

Roof windows are installed on roofs where there is an attic or a loft. You can easily access a roof window if you want to open and close it.

Openable or Fixed Skylight Window

You can either come across a skylight window that can be opened or one which cannot. What does this mean? Just like you would open a typical window to let in fresh air and light, so would you open the skylight window for the same benefits. The only difference is in the opening mechanism. Remember that you cannot reach a skylight window, therefore you may require an electric opening and closing mechanism or a manual crank located somewhere you can reach. The electric mechanism uses a remote where you can just push a button.

A fixed skylight window cannot be opened; it just lets in light. Choose this option if the rooms in your house are fully ventilated.

Important Features

What happens if you want your home to be dark during the day? Consider having an electrically powered blind to cover the skylight window when needed.

If you choose an openable skylight window, you should get one with weather change sensors. It is possible to forget to close it when it starts raining. Skylight windows that have sensors detect when it is about to rain and self-close.


From the above, you can tell that you have many options. To help you understand some of them better, here are a few examples:

  • Choose a fixed skylight window with a mechanised blind (fixed skylight windows have no ventilation; choose this option if your house is well ventilated and you might need to darken your house during the day).
  • Choose a fixed skylight window without a mechanised blind (choose this option if you don't need to darken your house during the day and if your house is well ventilated).
  • Choose a manual openable skylight window without a weather change sensor and without a mechanised blind (choose this if you don't want to open the skylight window through remote control, you think you won't forget to close the skylight window when it is raining and you do not need to darken your house during the day).

From these few examples, you can easily tell what your options are and why you might choose them.

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