5 Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners

5 Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners

5 Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners

20 December 2019
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Cleaning a backyard pool is a job that very few people enjoy. A robotic pool cleaner can free you from the burden of having to clean your pool yourself. Here are five main benefits of robotic pool cleaners for a backyard pool.

1. Convenient

The main benefit of using a robotic pool cleaner is that it is easy and convenient. All you have to do is place the robot in the pool and let it go. It will automatically move around your pool to clean all the surfaces.

2. Thorough

Using a robotic pool cleaner can actually leave your pool cleaner than when you go through the process of cleaning it manually. Robotic pool cleaners are programmed to travel over all surfaces of the pool, including the floor, the walls, and all the corners and nooks that you might miss when cleaning your pool manually. Brushes in front of the vacuum dislodge dirt so that the robotic pool cleaner can suck it up, leaving your pool surfaces wonderfully clean.

3. Better Water Circulation

Robotic pool cleaners move water through and around their bodies as they clean, which helps to improve circulation in your pool. Moving the water around helps to distribute and balance the chemicals that keep the pool water clean and safe, which means you do not need to rebalance them as often. Circulating the water also helps to prevent the water from becoming stagnant and helps to keep algae growth at bay.

4. Less Skimming Needed

Robotic pool cleaners can climb the walls of your pool to clean all the way up to the waterline. As a result, they can suck up floating debris from the surface of the pool. Most of the debris that falls into a pool washes towards the edges, where your robotic pool cleaner can scoop it up. You still need to skim leaves or debris from the centre of the pool, but the vast majority of the debris will be dealt with automatically by the robot. That means you can spend less time skimming your pool and more time swimming in it.

5. Easy Maintenance

Robotic pool cleaners require very little maintenance. Every so often, you need to take out the filter bag and empty it so that the pool cleaner has space to suck up more dirt. Once you have performed this quick and easy task, you can put the robotic pool cleaner back into the water and let it get on with the job of keeping your pool clean.

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