Is Underpinning Simply An Expensive Repair Measure For Your Foundation?

Is Underpinning Simply An Expensive Repair Measure For Your Foundation?

Is Underpinning Simply An Expensive Repair Measure For Your Foundation?

19 December 2019
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Keeping your foundation in good condition is crucial for the integrity of your entire house. Hence, when you begin to notice signs such as sticky doors, uneven flooring and watermarks on the walls, it is prudent to get foundation repairs as soon as possible. After you have decided to undertake foundation repairs, you will find you have a myriad of options to choose from, such as piers, patching, slab jacking and underpinning. A number of people consider underpinning too expensive when compared to other options, so you may be thinking that choosing the cheapest foundation repair technique will be best. However, underpinning does much more than simply restoring your foundation. Below are a couple of reasons why underpinning is not merely an expensive repair measure for your foundation.

Underpinning bolsters the strength of your damaged foundation

Once you have decided on underpinning as your preferred foundation repair technique, you can be assured that your foundation will not require additional repairs in the near future. Over time, external factors such as changing weather elements coupled with natural ageing will cause the foundation to lose its inherent strength. Underpinning increases the depth of the foundation while introducing new mechanics that will reinforce the pre-existing foundation. Therefore, not only is the stability of the foundation restored, but the foundation is significantly stronger as well. It should be noted that the way the underpinning will be undertaken depends on the primary cause of the foundation damage.

Underpinning helps create usable basement space

Once your foundation is in jeopardy, it affects the integrity of the entire property. If you have not been utilising the space below the house, like a basement or any other type of functional room, you are probably focussing on the signs of foundation degradation that manifest higher above, such as the jamming windows and inclining floors. But if you investigate the lowest level of your house, you will realise that the space will be useless to you due to the foundation damage.

When you decide to hire underpinning services for your foundation, you are proactively working towards creating usable space in the basement as its floor and ceiling are returned to normal. Thus, once the stability of the foundation is restored, your house will become more balanced and the basement level can be converted into any additional space you would want, such as a man cave, a guest room or something else.

Reach out to foundation underpinning professionals to learn more.

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