Essential Considerations to Make When Choosing a Structural Engineering Firm

Essential Considerations to Make When Choosing a Structural Engineering Firm

Essential Considerations to Make When Choosing a Structural Engineering Firm

19 December 2019
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When building a new commercial structure, the importance of the services of a structural engineer cannot be overstated. This is especially the case today because more buildings are failing in Australia. In fact, a Griffith-Deakin study found that about 74% of all buildings in Victoria built between 2008 and 2017 had defects. These are worrying statistics; therefore, property developers must observe caution when hiring structural engineers. This article provides a guide to choosing the right structural engineer. Read on. 

Scope of Expertise — If you believe that any structural engineering firm you approach will accomplish the task ahead of them, then you are dead wrong. Structural engineers are experts in various structures; hence, your choice must satisfy the structural needs of your project. For instance, if you are investing in a commercial property such as a mall, you cannot go to a structural engineer that specialises in building churches or tiny homes for that matter. It would help if you had an engineer that understands the requirements as well as the potential stresses to a commercial building. That is the only way you will guarantee safety to occupants. 

Proof of Engineering Creativity — Construction projects can be challenging, and structural engineers often encounter problems along the way. Therefore, structural engineers need to exhibit a high level of creativity since it is the only way to get around emerging issues. However, it is not enough for a potential partner to just tell you they are creative. You need them to show proof of such claims. For example, the expert can point to a specific project in their portfolio and take you through the challenges encountered and how they used their creativity to get around the issue. This is the calibre of structural engineers that property developers can count on because they offer peace of mind.  

An Understanding of a Variety of Foundation Stability Options — Any structure being built is first judged by how strong its foundation is. However, the stability of a foundation is determined by the ground properties on the site. For instance, loose ground such as along the beaches or in areas with lots of clay soil requires stabilisation of the foundation. Therefore, a qualified structural engineer must be familiar with at least most of the different foundation stabilisation options. It increases your chance of hiring an engineer that will offer you the best possible advice regardless of the ground conditions on your project site.

Reach out to structural engineers in your area to learn more.

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