Three Reasons Why Roof Trusses Are Just As Beneficial As Stick Framing

Three Reasons Why Roof Trusses Are Just As Beneficial As Stick Framing

Three Reasons Why Roof Trusses Are Just As Beneficial As Stick Framing

18 December 2019
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In years past, stick framing was the popular option due to its simplicity. This type of framing entails the cutting of specific-sized boards and then putting them together to create the frame of the roof. In recent times, though, roof trusses have started to gain popularity with both construction contractors and homeowners alike for several reasons. Nevertheless, even with the improved technology that roof trusses offer, some people are still of the belief that stick framing will be better. The typical reason for this is the misconception that roof trusses are not as versatile. To dispel these misconceptions, consider the following three reasons why roof trusses are just as beneficial as stick framing.

Roof trusses are just as affordable as stick framing

A common reason why some people are yet to switch to roof trusses is their belief that this framing will be much more expensive than stick framing. However, these individuals are not taking into consideration the lifetime expenses of stick framing. Roof trusses, granted, do have a higher price tag at the offset. Nonetheless, this framing system is much more durable when compared to stick framing. Once the installation is finished, you are not likely to incur maintenance costs, since roof trusses have better structural integrity. So if you want to keep your household upkeep affordable, you should invest in roof trusses.

Roof trusses can accommodate an attic

A popular reason why individuals will lean toward stick framing is that this option allows for attic space, which is highly beneficial for homeowners that want to prioritise additional storage. While triangular arrangements of roof trusses do make attic spaces challenging to create, it is not impossible. As long as you inform your contractors of your desire for this additional room, the roof trusses will be customised to accommodate an attic.

Roof trusses can be installed in a short time 

Understandably, people that want their home build to be completed in a short time will want to go with stick framing for their roof since this roofing system can be installed fast. However, this does not mean that all roof trusses will take a significant amount of time to be assembled. As long as your contractors have the precise specifications at hand, the job should take a short time. Furthermore, since the roof trusses arrive already designed for assembly, installing them will be a simple task. The only reason why using roof trusses may take a substantial amount of time is if something goes wrong with their delivery. But if everything is seamless, then your roof framing will be completed in a short time.

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