Getting to Know the Most Common Building Demolition Techniques Used Today

Getting to Know the Most Common Building Demolition Techniques Used Today

Getting to Know the Most Common Building Demolition Techniques Used Today

18 December 2019
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When it comes to demolition, contractors or companies have various work techniques to choose from. Each method of work has its pros and cons, which are carefully reviewed when selecting the appropriate way to bring down a building.

If you are planning a building demolition job and want to acquaint yourself with the various demolition techniques that can be employed to perform the job, stick around. Below are some of the common building demolition techniques used today.

Mechanical Demolition

This involves the use of heavy construction machines, such as cranes, loaders and bulldozers, for performing demolition tasks. It is by far the most common method of demolishing buildings because it helps to makes otherwise difficult jobs fast and easy to execute. 

For heavy construction equipment to be effective at performing demolition projects, they are fitted with the appropriate attachments or implements. 

For example, cranes are usually equipped with a wrecking ball to allow for easy tear down of concrete walls. Likewise, a high-reach pusher arm may be attached to a base machine such as a hydraulically powered loader to allow for an easier knock-down of a masonry structure.

Manual Demolition

Before man invented machines to make light work of demolition tasks, they had to get the job done using manual tools, such as sledgehammers, jackhammers, claw hammers, pry bars and many more.

While heavy construction and demolition machines, such as cranes and bulldozers, are available today, there are situations when it is still appropriate to do demolition work manually. For example, when you want to salvage components, such as windows and doors, which can be reused.


This is the fastest way to bring down entire structures. It is preferred for demolishing large or tall buildings that may take a lot of time to bring down. Implosion involves the use of explosives to bring down a whole building in just a few seconds. 

Demolition staff carefully assess the building to identify its structural supports. Explosives are then strategically placed in these areas to allow for easy demolition of the building. The staff also assesses the potential impact that an explosion would have on adjacent structures and the surrounding environment. 

If there is a risk of adjacent structures collapsing or becoming weakened due to the explosions or the associated environmental impact is too significant, then implosion may be avoided.

For more information on the above-discussed building demolition techniques and more, feel free to contact your trusted local demolition service.

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