Essential Tennis Court Resurfacing Aspects

Essential Tennis Court Resurfacing Aspects

Essential Tennis Court Resurfacing Aspects

18 December 2019
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Tennis courts have many surfacing options, with the main ones being clay, grass and hard courts. All three options are susceptible to different damages, meaning that they need regular repair and maintenance. Repairing them in time ensures that they retain their elegant appearance and that they do not cause injuries to the players. If you own a tennis court, this guide will help you know more about tennis court resurfacing and its importance.

Signs that you should consider tennis court resurfacing

Repair your tennis court surface immediately when:

  • You notice visible cracks or damages on the tennis floor
  • Large water pools remain on the surface after heavy rains
  • You see mould and mildew on the tennis court floor
  • The paints start to fade
  • The players no longer find the surface comfortable when playing

Importance of tennis court resurfacing and repair

You should repair your tennis courts because:

  • Regular repairs will reduce the risk of accidents and other injuries. 
  • Resurfacing will increase the aesthetic appeal of the entire court.
  • The cleaning process will become easier
  • The renovations will increase the resistance of the surface to mild and mildews and other substances which pose health risks.

The resurfacing process

The process starts with an inspection. The tennis court resurface experts examine the entire court and take note of all the areas that need repair. After the investigation, the team collects the debris and removes the particles in the cracks. The experts use pressure washers to ensure that they do not leave a single element of dirt or debris. After cleaning, the team dries up all the cracks, then fills and seals the cracks with the right materials. 

Tennis court surfacing is the next process after the repairing. When surfacing, the professionals add multiple layers of paints on the tennis court to strengthen the repair sealing. Besides protection, surfacing enhances the natural appearance of the tennis court.  For effective results, the repair and resurfacing process may take up to seven days. 

Tennis court maintenance tips

After a successful tennis court resurfacing process, observe the following maintenance tips to prevent further damages.

  • Repair cracks and other deformities immediately when you notice them
  • Clean the surface occasionally to remove the debris
  • Look for a tennis court resurface expert who will regularly inspect your tennis court.
  • Trim all the plants and vegetables near the tennis court

Before resurfacing, research on the best type of surface that would work well for you. Also, look for professionals who will accomplish the task timely and excellently.

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