Can You Differentiate Between Industrial and Commercial Construction?

Can You Differentiate Between Industrial and Commercial Construction?

Can You Differentiate Between Industrial and Commercial Construction?

18 December 2019
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You must have seen people invest lots of money in construction projects but still end up dissatisfied with the outcome of their investments. Such issues often come down to several factors, but you cannot deny that choosing the wrong person for the job is a common factor. Any one investor who is serious about getting the right result must find the right company or contractor to handle his or her project. That begins with understanding the expertise of the people you are hiring, as well as their ability to differentiate the deliverables of each construction project. Don't build an industrial project like you would make a commercial one. Here are the key differences you need to know: 

Site Location and Planning

Industrial construction is quite different from commercial and residential construction when it comes to the location and planning of the site. For most commercial construction projects, the focus is on having the project in an upmarket area for ease of acquiring tenants. The project deliverables will then be modified based on the conditions on the site as long as you can avail amenities such as ample parking and easy accessibility. On the other hand, industrial construction focuses on the physical location and factors such as traffic patterns and boundaries of the lot. The objective is to build the complex in an area with special conveyance requirements such as access to rail and air transport terminals or round-the-clock shipping services. 

Building Infrastructure

Commercial and industrial construction share the same concept in terms of centralising the building's utilities. The electrical, HVAC and plumbing connections operate from centralised locations and direct their services towards different places in the building. However, commercial facilities will focus on the needs of the tenants, while industrial setups will direct these resources to support complex processing machines and heavy equipment. The infrastructure must capably maintain the production requirements while complying with specific regulations in the industry. 

Designing the Building

Commercial construction centres on housing businesses that deliver various kinds of services to customers. Examples include office spaces and hotel services. Therefore, the design must enhance the smooth flow of traffic and offer pleasant aesthetics that will always appeal to the customers. On the contrary, industrial construction aims at optimising functionality. The design of the structure must enhance heavy-duty production, flow of goods and materials. In brief, industrial design often overlooks factors such as aesthetics in favour of the functional efficiency of conveyor belts and other machines.

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